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Family First - Children's Services in Las Vegas, NV

Children don’t come with a manual, and no matter how much we love them or how wonderful they can be, sometimes we need a little help. 


We understand that all families are unique. Sunrise meets you where you are with services that best support you and your family, including in-home and community based support, play therapy, music and art interventions, and individual and family therapy in office, online, and in home for children and their families. 


We work alongside families to address challenges with aggression, tantrums, bullying, DV, organizing school tasks, messy bedrooms, bedtime tantrums, RPC, oppositional defiance, IEP-504, DFS and CPS involvement, foster care, parenting skills, coping skills, and more. 


At Sunrise, our goal is to keep families first! Working alongside the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Sunrise has established a family-based alternative sentencing program, "Family First,"  focused on rehabilitating justice-involved families through the use of a Moral Focus curriculum structured in a 9-Step Program of daily classes, wellness and family therapy, and directly applied interventions in a home setting supervised by professionals. This program is broken down into (3) Three Part Sections focused on Learning, Attempting to Apply Concepts, and Successfully Applying Skills to prevent recidivism in the justice system and support family unification. The purpose of Family First is to provide justice-involved parents and their children or family members the opportunity to break the cycle of incarceration and generational trauma by developing the parenting and life skills to avoid institutionalization while learning how to become a contributing member of society. 

COVID, RSV, Flu, and Strep Testing, Moderna Vaccine 6mo+, treatment for ADD, ADHD, annual and sports physicals, sick visits, prescriptions, doctor’s slip for school.

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