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We accept all patients, regardless of their ability to pay, including Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured patients. To apply for our Sliding Fee Discount Program, click here.

Intakes / Referrals

It is the policy of Sunrise Health Clinics to ensure appropriate, adequate, and medically necessary services. Sunrise Health Clinics requires all staff to adhere to standards for care to include preliminary plans of care, treatment, and services.  We’ll conduct a complete screening and assessment, then create a care plan that you lead with an emphasis on prevention and wellness. 

Entry to Care, Treatment, or Services

Welcome! Sunrise can receive new clients entering into care, treatment, or services by referral via email to, fax (702) 463-1851, or telephone correspondence (702)-209-0370. We explain the intake process, obtain consent and health information that is entered into our HIPAA-compliant and secure EHR. You’ll meet with a board-certified licensed clinician to select your treatment plan. Once you approve, we’ll walk you through payment options, use of insurance, and how to get started. A personalized health coach or medical case manager will be with you every step of the way. LET’S GET STARTED TODAY!

Treatment Plan Approach

Care, treatment, or services are provided to our clients in an interdisciplinary, collaborative manner. 

  • Development of Treatment Plan

  • Obtaining Signed Treatment Plans

  • Personalized Regular Follow Up

  • 30-Day Progress Update with a Health Coach

  • Reassess Until Goals Met

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