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IV Infusion Therapy in Las Vegas, NV

IV therapy is a fast way to help hydrate and improve your immune response by introducing essential fluids directly into the bloodstream. One of the benefits is that you no longer have to wait for pills to “kick in” or wonder about the quality or bioavailability of vitamin supplements. As it’s added to your blood supply, IV therapy can take effect in minutes.

IVs typically take 25-30 minutes. Book today as a standalone treatment, or add it on during your medical visit, therapy appointment, or aesthetics treatment today. 

IVs Available: 

Myers Cocktail $259

Reduce fatigue, enhance immune system, combat seasonal allergies

Immune Booster $119

Reduce intensity and duration of viruses, help the body fight infection, pre- and post-travel support

Aches and Pains $109

Powerful anti-inflammatories, allergy relief

Rise and Shine $99

Helps with common cold, seasonal allergies, relieves nausea, pain, and inflammation

Anti-Aging Infusion $129

Detoxifies liver, immune boosting, reveals glowing skin

Hydration $79

Exercise recovery, electrolyte replacement

IV Add Ons

Glutathione $45

Master antioxidant, natural cosmetic rejuvenation

Vitamin C $32

Immune system boost, antioxidant properties

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